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Our partners believe everyone should have a practical, modern, and accessible bathroom. Your shower or bathtub is one of the most integral parts of your bathroom, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that it’s not outdated or inaccessible. Even if you simply dislike the design, it may be time for a shower or bathtub installation. In that case, our team of bathroom remodeling contractors in our network offers quality bathroom installation services in California.

Our pros specialize in all kinds of shower systems and bathtub installations. That includes smart showers, power showers, sliding shower doors, frameless shower doors, drop-in bathtubs, alcove bathtubs, and many other variations. Hiring professional tradesmen to install your shower or bathtubs prevents accidents, premature breakage, and moisture damage in the long run.

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General Information About Bathtub and Shower Installation

It’s easy to assume that your bathtub or shower can last forever with the right maintenance and care. In reality, a bathtub or shower older than 10-30 years likely needs a replacement. You can also reinstall a bathtub or shower if you’re unsatisfied with its outdated or inaccessible design. Other than that, it’s possible that your previous shower or bathtub was improperly installed. This can lead to premature damage and require replacement way earlier than anticipated. Cracked bathtubs can result in moisture pooling and mold, which no homeowner wants to deal with.

Whether you have a bathtub or shower, both fixtures are connected to your home’s piping system in a complex manner. This is a crucial point to consider, as some homeowners may consider a shower or bathtub installation a DIY project to save money. Bathtubs can cost hundreds of dollars, and improper installations can add to these prices by leaving room for premature damage. Even if you have experience with DIY home projects, it’s always safer to hire a professional to do the job.

Before you begin your installation, it’s better to consider some factors in your bathtub/shower choice, including space limitations, tiling, color schemes, and of course, your budget.

New bathtub remodel with built-in fireplace.

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Installing a Walk-in Shower

When comparing traditional bathtubs and walk-in showers, the latter is the most popular option for various reasons. Not only are walk-in showers more spacious and easy to clean, but they’re also convenient to use and more accessible to those with disabilities. A walk-in shower is also a better pick for those with smaller bathrooms. Since there are endless types of shower fixtures and doors to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is suited for your bathroom.

In terms of shower fixtures, you can pick between mixer showers, electrical showers, power showers, and smart showers. Meanwhile, shower doors options include sliding, bi-fold, steam, curved, framed, pivot, and frameless shower doors. The cost of your shower walk-in shower installation will vary depending on if you’re installing a new shower, replacing an old one, or converting a bathtub. Certain factors that influence the installation cost include the tile material, plumbing, labor, and accessibility elements.

Bathtub Replacements

If your bathtub is more than 10 to 30 years old, it’s wise to replace it and prevent accidents. You may also need to replace your bathtub due to water damage and cracks, which can lead to moisture pooling. Additionally, traditional bathtubs are inaccessible, so a replacement might be wisest for those that live with wheelchair users. Bathtubs can cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s wisest to hire a professional and prevent damage due to improper installation.

Aside from preventing long-term damage, a professional installer will also consider all the technical and spatial details of your bathroom. This way, they can ensure that the new bathtub fits seamlessly into your existing space. The installation cost of a bathtub varies based on the type of bathtub and the amount of preparation required in your bathroom. If your bathroom has existing plumbing issues or requires a more accessible bathtub, the installation cost may be higher.

Bathtub-to-Shower Bathroom Conversion

In terms of accessibility and versatility, showers are a much better option than traditional bathtubs. Yes, a warm bath can be the best antidote at the end of a long day, but it’s not enough to overlook the downfalls of a bathtub. Not only are traditional bathtubs inaccessible, but they also take more time and use more water. On the other hand, showers are convenient, accessible, and can fit in any type of bathroom.

A bathtub-to-shower conversion may give you a lot more control over the accessibility, design, and spaciousness of your bathroom. Since it is a financial commitment, you’ll need to keep various factors in mind before making the conversion. For example, your tub may have been placed below a window, but that doesn’t mean you can place your new shower there too. Not only will it be an invasion of privacy, but water can also get into the walls through the window casing and create mold.

Factors That Make Your Bathroom Handicap Accessible

Unfortunately, most traditional bathrooms are completely inaccessible for those with disabilities or mobility concerns. While the sinks and toilets are often too high, traditional bathtubs can be impossible to get into as a wheelchair user. If you’re hoping to make your bathroom more handicap accessible, you may need to opt for a complete revamp. The best way to start is by adding grab bars and other factors that make your bathroom more accessible.

Handicap-accessible handrails can be helpful for wheelchair users or those with poor balance. Wheelchair users can also benefit from wider doorways, seated showers, longer tap levers, adjustable sinks, demisting mirrors, and lower toilets. The main factor that makes a bathroom inaccessible for wheelchair users is the number of barriers along the way. The placement of various fixtures and decorations can make it impossible for wheelchair users to navigate the room, which is why it’s an element to improve.

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Your shower or bathtub is the most significant part of your bathroom, so they’re bound to come first when you start a remodeling project. There are endless factors to consider before you begin the shower or bathtub installation, such as placement, existing piping issues, design, and space. Most importantly, you’ll need to consider your budget, as the price can be influenced by the shower/tub type, the preparation required, and the quality of the fixtures. It may seem like you can save money by doing it yourself, but installing a bathtub or shower is a delicate task.

Improper installation can lead to cracks, moisture pooling, water damage, and even mold. In the long run, hiring a professional installer will always be more cost-efficient and time-saving. Luckily, the members of our network has just the expertise you’re looking for. Our team of installers and technicians is experienced. They have decades of experience installing all kinds of bathtubs and showers, along with accessibility elements throughout the bathroom.

The best part is that you can count on our team to complete the job quickly and ensure that the fixture lasts many decades before needing replacement. You also won’t have to worry about improper installation leading to long-term damage.

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